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A great ordering experience leads to more customers, more revenue and more data.

Experience is everything

Annoying ordering apps lead to a loss of revenue

Customers won't use your app

If they have to download something, sign up or take longer than a minute to order, customers will avoid using your app

They will ask a member of staff

Customers will be more likely to ask a member of staff, preventing staff from taking drinks to customers

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Experience is everything

A great ordering app increases revenue and decreases costs

Customers will order more

Customers will save an average of half an hour from standing in the queue at the bar, enough time to drink an extra round

Staff can concentrate on service

Your staff can save up to 30% of their time from taking orders, allowing them to focus on a great service

Customers get more time with friends

Customers can do what they came here to do, spend time with friends and family

Here's how we do it

We've spent time building the best customer experience

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Access is easy

Customers don't have to download anything, they can access your snapp instantly, by scanning a QR code or tapping the sign.

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Show off your products

Customers see images and videos of your products to see exactly what they will get

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Start a conversation

Customers are asked questions as if they're in person, reducing confusion and increasing flexibility.

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Checkout in seconds

We use apple and google pay to create a speedy checkout, bringing the entire order process under 1 minute

Experience is everything

We design your snapp to suit your business and your customers

Increase Sales


Increase Sales


Increase Sales


Increase Sales


Increase Sales
Ta Moko


Increase Sales
The Ship


Increase Sales
Leven Hotel


Designed for staff

Its easy to manage orders

Orders appear instantly

Orders show up on the tablet instantly, allowing your staff to quickly complete the request

Accepting orders is easy

Simply hit accept and change the requested time if you need to, customers will be notified immediately

Print orders in a tap

Print out customer receipts and kitchen tickets instantly to keep your staff moving quickly

Designed for owners

Keep track of your store from any device

Check your analytics

Get a top-of-the-range overview of your business, from your top customers, to your best sellers and your most popular times of the day and week.

Manage your menus

Easily add new menus, products and questions to your snapp and it will update instantly

Manage orders from any anywhere

Get a real-time overview of orders from each location and manage them anywhere

Get to know your customers

Check your top customers, their favourite days of the week and what they love to order from you

Get set up today

It only takes 10 minutes to set up your store

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Leave us some details

Spend just 5 minutes telling us about you, your business and your customers

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We'll design and create your snapp

Within the next 48 hours, our designers will get to work designing a snapp that's right for you and your customers

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Start taking orders!

Start taking orders as soon as your snapp is ready!

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We only succeed if you do.

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