What are the best types of discounts to offer?

By Jack Pickering

Discounts are one of the best ways of enticing customers into making a purchase sooner rather than later, but the types of discount you post are vital to maximising your returns.

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Clients using Snapps often ask us, “What are the best types of offers to entice customers?”.

The answer varies from business to business however, here’s our top 5 tips on enticing customers with offers:

1. The first order discount

Enticing new customers to try your products can be the hardest task of all, customers will naturally go where they feel most comfortable and getting them out of their comfort zone requires something special. Using discounts like 10% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER, gives them an incentive to take the leap of faith. Always include an image of your products with the offer, this gives the customer everything they need to know in one post.

2. The just for YOU discount

Making customers feel special is vital, everybody wants to feel like you love them the most. Offering discounts to specific customers will increase their loyalty towards your brand and create a genuine relationship between you both. This is often suited to your top fans, the customers who are likely to spend the most money or order all of the time.

3. The limited availability discount

Customers sometimes need a push to place an order, instilling the fear of missing out is one of the greatest ways to push your customers over the line. By offering a discount to the first 100 customers, and then frequently updating the amount left, customers will see that they are going down fast and they need to get in before they miss out!

4. The limited time discount

Similar to the limited availability discount, limited time offers give the customer an incentive to order immediately, before they miss the deadline. This usually works best at the 20-30 minute range, which gives the customer enough notice to find their card details etc, but is also short enough to make them act now.

5. The competition discount

Competitions are a fantastic way of getting customers to engage with your brand, offering discounts as prizes gives the customers the feeling of winning, leaving the thought that they HAVE to place the order, otherwise they haven’t won the prize. Check out our blog post on competitions to see our top 5 to run with customers.

All of these discounts greatly depend on your customers and their demographic, check out your analytics to see which of these discounts would suit your customers the most.

If you need any help, feel free to reach out to Snapps for a free consultation on how you can increase customer engagement through discounts.

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