What are the best times of the day to post on social media?

By Jack Pickering

Posting on social media helps you increase your brand awareness, customer engagement and brand loyalty. However, the times you post is vital to maximising these points.

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Here at Snapps, we get asked “When is the best time for me to post on social media?”.

The answer varies from business to business, however, here’s some tips to help you on your way:

1. Post every day
It’s vital that you post regularly, keeping your brand at the centre of customers minds is extremely important to increasing customer engagement, the more they see your brand, the more they trust it. Posting twice a day is the optimal amount between staying relevant whilst avoiding annoyance.

2. Post an image on a morning
By posting images on the morning, you put thoughts into customers minds nice and early, this image will slowly start to grow into a temptation throughout the day, sealing your products as the thing the customer needs to have tonight!

3. Post an offer an hour before busy periods
Posting images of your offers around an hour before your expected busy periods, is the best way to gather spontaneous sales. This gives enough time for the customer to fulfil their decision.

4. Include something for users to do
Always include a call to action on your posts. Once you’ve gathered the customers interest, give them something they can do immediately to fulfil that interest, a link to your website or app to book a table or order a takeaway is the perfect way to do this.

5. Spend one day scheduling the posts for the week
We know social media can be time consuming, we recommend creating an account with Heropost or Hootsuite, and planning all of your posts for the week ahead of time. This allows you to schedule posts throughout the week, so you don’t miss a day.

Special tip: Did you know, other than Friday and Saturday, Wednesday is the most popular week night for takeaways? Hump day is when most customers give into their temptations, so make sure to leave your best offers to entice your customers for a Wednesday!

All the best,
Jack Pickering
Founder of Snapps Ltd

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