Why a digital menu can save your business

By Jack Pickering

It’s about time highstreet businesses start to take a leaf out of e-commerce platforms and why they’re so successful. A digital menu could transform your current business into something that grabs customers attention, wherever they are.

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Keeping customers safe

If there’s one thing that many people have learnt through the lockdown, it is how easy it is for germs and bacteria to spread to other humans. When the lockdown phase is over, customers are going to be very cautious of what they touch and where they go in order to stay safe and reduce the chance of a second wave.

Physical menus in pubs/restaurants are touched by hundreds of people a day and can be a major factor in how likely a virus could spread within your building. By using a digital menu, your customers can use something that’s personal to them in order to browse your food and drink, something they can guarantee has not picked up any harmful germs or bacteria by being touched by others.

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Accessible anywhere

Allowing your customers an easy place to browse your menu is essential in the digital age, 50% of customers will leave your website if the mobile experience is poor, by sharing a menu that is a PDF, you are virtually excluding half of your customer base from being able to view your products before they decide to visit.

Customers have grown used to being able to access information instantly, so most of your customers will want to view what you have to offer before making the decision to book a table, by making your menu as easy as possible to access via your social media channels and your website, you can take away any risk of potential customers choosing somewhere else.

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Learning from your customers

The major reason why digital businesses are out-performing physical ones is the data they collect on their customers, they know when people are likely to come to the store, who they are likely to be, what they are likely to want and are able to customise their offering to each customer individually.

Your menu is your business to most customers, if your menu doesn’t have something that appeals to them, they won’t visit your restaurant. By collecting data about your customers you can gain a true insight into their behaviours and how you can gain as much information and more importantly, satisfaction from them as possible. By tailoring your menu to your customers wants and needs, you will see your conversion rates soar past your competitors.

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Snapps can help

Here at snapps, we have created an instantly accessible mobile menu that you customers can access anywhere, on social media, on your website or even in your venue.

Customers can browse the menu and pay for food and drinks from anywhere they like. You can offer a takeaway/delivery service or you can simply offer a digital menu to your in-house customers.

You can do all this and more with your own personalised snapp.

For more information about how we can help your pub or restaurant, email jack@snapps.co.uk

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