Why your pubs personality matters

By Jack Pickering

It is a grave truth in our society that the gap between large and small businesses is growing.

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Large businesses are expanding faster than ever before whilst small businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to catch up.

Independent pubs are struggling to keep up with large chains and this has become even more apparent during the aftermath of the pandemic. With lower footfall and dwindling funds, how are small businesses supposed to keep up with the large chains who can afford to put money into advertising and keep their staff on the payroll?

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Independent pubs have a glorious opportunity to offer something the big chains can’t, and that’s personality. Your pub’s personality is what persuades your customers into walking past the big chains and through your doors.

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To survive in this digital age, your brand’s personality must be offered to customers in both physical and digital formats. Allowing customers to get a feel for your offering before they visit, something which the majority of your customers are guaranteed to do, will help you persuade potential visitors to pass the big chains and head into your venue.

Mobile functionality is something which is just on the horizon and will soon be something customers come to expect. By cutting out the queue, mobile apps allow customers to take the hassle out of ordering and enjoy the company of the people they came to see. Companies that offer this in a way that expresses their unique personality are the ones who will shine through this phase of business and close the gap between them and the bigger chains in their area.

Get in touch today to close the gap.

With Snapps, you can get a bespoke mobile app that opens directly within facebook so your customers don’t have to download anything, for just £30 per month. Snapps allows your business to keep its personality whilst offering the same technology solutions as the bigger chains.


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